Managing Leads and Form Submissions from Hearsay Sites

Customers and prospects may fill out a Contact Request or Contact Me form on your website. The fields required for the contact area within a Hearsay Site may be different for each organization. Please contact your administrator if you have questions.

Form Submissionmp4.gif

This information is gathered and can easily be found within the Form Submission tab in the Web Media section in the left-side navigation bar.

Within this tab, the following information can be viewed:

  • Date: The date the contact form was filled out
  • Name: The name of the contact who filled out the form
  • Message: The text entered in the message section of the contact form
  • Phone: The phone number entered on the contact form
  • E-Mail: The email address entered on the contact form

Click on the message portion for the contact and it will expand and show you more than just the abbreviated message.






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