Efficiently Engage With Your Network Using the Metrics Tool

One of the most popular questions Hearsay receives from our customers is “when should I engage with my network online? Is it in the morning, afternoon, evening on weekdays or weekends?”

The truth is, everyone’s network is different. Your unique audience interacts differently than your co-workers, your customers, your friends and your family because each network is made up of different individuals.

But the good news is that Hearsay Social makes this easy. Using the Metrics tool, you’ll be able to identify if your network is growing, whether you’re engaging with your audience at the right time and if you’re following up with your audience with the right amount of engagement.

We recommend viewing your Metrics page at least once to 3x per week in order to stay ahead of your network’s engagement trends, ensuring you’re sharing and engaging with your audience effectively and efficiently.



  • Total Connections Graph displays the total number of connections your social accounts had on a given date. A pro tip is to uncheck social networks and view them individually. This will provide greater visibility, and you can then hover your mouse over the lines to review data on a specific date.
    • Pro Tip: Closely monitor this graph when initiating marketing strategies. If you notice sharp increases or decreases in connections, reflect on the content you shared or actions you took during that time and use it to improve or to build on your success.

  • Engagement Activity Graph displays engagement you gave your audience, represented in the brighter green line, and engagement you received from your connections, represented by the darker green line, over time. The goal here is to have both the light and dark green lines overlap equally, as this will signify that you matched the engagement you received from your audience with the engagement you gave. This will incentive your audience to routinely visit and engage with your social network because they’ll know you’ll always follow up with them.


  • Aggregate Activity Graph can be toggled to display at what hour of the day, day of the week, or week of the month, is your social account receiving the most engagement. As an example, you might be publishing content at 9:00 am on Monday, but your audience may be interacting with your social networks closer to 3:00 pm on Thursday. Use this graph, and toggle between the options of Hour, Day, or Week to find out when your audience is more often online, and tailor your engagement strategy around it.


  • Activity Distribution Graph reviews all engagements you give and receive to and from your network. This will help identify whether your audience is more likely to like, comment, or engage with you in a different manner. The goal here is to have your chart 50% light green and 50% dark green, ensuring that you’re matching your audience’s engagement level with the corresponding activity.


  • Compare Activity By Type Graph identifies the specific actions and activities you gave and received from your network. Use this graph in tandem with the Activity and Activity Distribution graph to ensure you’re following up and engaging with your network at the right time, with the right activity, and by the right amount.
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