Updating Your Hearsay Site

You can update and manage your advisor website content directly from Hearsay. Follow the steps below to update and request changes to your website.

1. Log in to Hearsay and click My Websites in the Web Media section.

2. Click Request Changes next to the website you would like to update.

You can also click on the Manage Site dropdown and select your website from the dropdown or click Add New Site to create a new website.

3. The information on the left is content that is currently listed on your website. On the right side is where you will request changes. Click Edit next to the field and add or update the information in the text box. Edit as many fields as needed. 

If you don't see the field to update on this screen, click +Add More Fields in the top right or bottom left of the page. Select the field you would like to include on your website and enter the information as needed.

  • You may be presented with an option to add additional material to an existing section or a new fields that you've added. For example, there might be an Add to Team Members option (1).
  • Once a section is added, it must be populated with the necessary fields associated with it. You can upload a file or image, such as a team member photo and content within a section (2).
  • Use the remove option or arrows in the top right corner of the section to remove a section or change its location in the Site hierarchy (3).

  • Adding PDFs: Add PDF files to your site when requesting changes and send the file to compliance for review. After it’s published, customers can open the PDF from the site.

    *For compliance purposes, the PDF file is treated the same as an image uploaded to your site.

    **This feature is only available on the newest version of Sites and is off by default.

  • Adding Podcasts: Upload and play MP3 audio and send the audio file to compliance to play and review. When it’s published, customers can stream the podcast on the site.

    *For compliance purposes, the audio file is treated the same as a video file uploaded to your site.

    **This feature is only available on the newest version of Sites and is off by default. 

4. Click Preview Changes at the bottom of the page to preview the changes on your website. A red bar at the bottom of the page will display when viewing a site in Preview Mode.

5. Once complete, click Submit Request. This will route the changes to your compliance team for review. Once it is approved, your website content will be updated.



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