Social Signals

What are Social Signals?

Hearsay Social Signals notify you of your social contacts’ key life events and milestones such as birthdays, new babies, engagements and job changes and makes sure these important events don’t get lost in the noise of social media.


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Turning On/Enabling Social SignalsScreenshot_2017-04-13_11.01.33.png


From the top of your workspace, click your User Panel and then click Connect Accounts.

On the Connect Accounts page, select Edit on the right side of the LinkedIn profile for which you want to turn on social signals.

Under the Receive Social Signals field, select On and follow the on-screen prompts.



Please note: Not all organizations have the Social Signals feature available, and it may take up to 72 hours for your first Social Signals to be displayed. Additionally, for LinkedIn, you will need to have purchased a qualifying LinkedIn Premium Account (such as Sales Navigator or Business+) in order to receive Social Signals.


Taking Action on Social Signals

By default, Social Signals are placed in the New category when Hearsay generates them. Without selecting or opening a single Social Signal, you can organize your Social Signals into three categories (tabs) depending on the action that needs to be taken:

New: Each new Social Signal is displayed under the New tab. Once you select a different category, the Social Signal will not display as New anymore.

Follow Up: Select this category for Social Signals you wish to take action on.

Completed: Select this category for Social Signals you have taken action or followed up on.

Dismiss: Select this category for Social Signals you do not need to take action on or for those which you can ignore.

Please note: We provide birthday notifications that will be displayed at the top of your Social Signals list. These notifications are generated from your contacts’ profile information, do not have any details associated with them and you cannot take action on them. You may also see birthdays within your Social Signals that contain details. These are birthdays that were found not through your contacts’ profile information but through a post or comment on that contact’s social media account.


Filtering Social Signals

Social Signals can be filtered by the type of Signal. For example, you may only be interested in your social contacts who may have moved so that you can connect with them about homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. In this case, you would filter by Moving.

To filter your Social Signals by type:

Select the Filter button to the right of the Dismissed status tab.

Select the check box in the Types pop-up box for which you would like to filter your list of Social Signals.


Displaying Social Signals Details

To display the details of a particular Social Signal, select the Signal or the dropdown arrow on the leftmost side of the Signal. Once selected, the Signal opens and displays all the information and responses to that particular person’s post that generated the Signal.

Note: Selecting the photo or image associated with the Social Signal opens that contact’s Contact page which displays the Social Signal below the person’s contact information.

A Social Signal that is generated from one of your contact’s social media posts and/or its comments provides you the context from which the Signal was created. This helps you to determine whether or not the Social Signal is accurate and provides you with the necessary information for you to decide how to respond or categorize that Signal. To access the post on your contact’s social media account, select Post located directly below the post.


Note: Social Signals derived from a person’s profile such as a job change on LinkedIn, do not provide you the ability to go directly to that contact’s social media account from the social media post in your Social Signals.


Social Signals Best Practice

Keep your New signals list empty by utilizing the filters and signals workflow process outlined above. This way you will always be up to date and in the know when it comes to connecting and following up with your social contacts.

Marking Social Signals as Inaccurate

We’re always working to make Social Signals more accurate and beneficial to you and your business. You can help us provide you with more accurate Social Signals by selecting the Mark as Inaccurate button on any Social Signals in your queue.