Importance of Granting Permissions

Periodically, events on the social networks require users to re-authenticate their connection between Hearsay and the social network.

To assist you in this, a Hearsay Systems email and Action Card will prompt you to take this action—simply hit “Grant Permission” and follow the prompts. You will need to click the "X" on the top-right of the Action Card to dismiss it after granting permissions (the popup will close automatically after successfully granting permissions).


Some examples of network events that prompt needing to reconnect or grant additional permissions:

  • A change to the social network’s technical infrastructure
  • A password change or adjustment to administrator access
  • Annual Re-Authorization, in the case of LinkedIn

In these instances, users are prompted to grant permissions in order to connect an account to Hearsay. Doing so authorizes Hearsay to facilitate actions between itself and the social network, such as:

  • Publishing and scheduling content to the social network(s)
  • Empowering you to respond to social network activity
  • Surfacing engagement metrics and insights to assist your social strategy
  • Syncing social contacts/connections
  • Engaging with your compliance and supervision teams

If Hearsay does not have all required permissions, the connection between the Hearsay workspace and social account is incomplete, which may violate your compliance policy depending on the missing permission(s) and your organization’s policy.

To re-grant permissions:

  1. Log in to your Hearsay account.
  2. Click your User Panel in the top-right corner of your workspace and click Connect Accounts.
  3. Click Reconnect on the right side of the disconnected account.
  4. Grant all permissions as prompted in the pop-up box.

After re-granting the necessary permissions, your account should be reconnected to Hearsay.

If you do not see the “Grant Permissions” prompt on your homepage, please note that you can still grant the proper permissions by manually reconnecting your Facebook page. This can be done with the following instructions:

  1. Login to your Hearsay account.
  2. Click your User Panel in the top-right corner of your workspace and click Connect Accounts.
  3. Locate your social account and click Remove.
  4. Follow the prompts to remove your Facebook page.
  5. Once removed, please click Connect Facebook.
  6. Follow the provided prompts to reconnect your Facebook page (click here for more information).

Once reconnected, your Facebook page will have granted the proper permissions for your Hearsay account.


If you have any issues re-authorizing a permission, please contact


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