Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Importance of Granting Permissions

When you connect a social account to Hearsay, you will be prompted to grant permissions which are necessary in order for Hearsay and the network to communicate properly. This ensures your social network will successfully:

  • Publish & schedule pre-approved and original content
  • Sync with your social contacts/connections
  • Properly display your engagement metrics

Note: If you do not grant permissions when attempting to connect your social account, your Hearsay workspace and social account will not function as expected. In order to resolve this issue:

  1. Log into Hearsay and click your user-panel
  2. Click Social Accounts
  3. Click Remove next to your affected social network.
  4. Once removed, click the Connect button next to your corresponding network (ex. Connect Facebook)
  5. When prompted, be sure to grant all permissions listed in the onboarding wizard.