Mobile / Web Hearsay Social Engage

Intent: This is a document to help document the differences between the web version of Hearsay Social engage and the mobile app.

Feature differences:

1.  The main feature that we highlight on the app is publishing. Publishing is front and center and there is an optimal flow for the user to publish from the content library.

2.  We have Responses available on iOS but we do not have Responses on Android. This is coming down the pipeline but does not have a time commitment to it.

3.  We have Signals available on both iOS and Android

4.  Metrics and Analytics for the end user are not available.

5.  As a reminder, the administrator view is not available for the mobile app.

6.  Social Business Training and the Help Center are not connected to the mobile app

7.  Though publishing is front and center in the application, campaigns, ads/promoting a post, viewing scheduled and published posts, and the calendar are not accessible through the app

8.  Private messages and contacts are not available through the app

9.  Any manipulation of social accounts (attaching new, removing old, reconnecting the disconnected) and profile editing is unavailable through the mobile app at this time

10. Sending or accepting invitations to a workspace via the mobile app is not yet available

11. Facebook does not provide thumbnails for Facebook videos, therefore there won't be a thumbnail image for Facebook videos.

Known issues

1.  For android devices that are on the lower end of the price spectrum, we have detected crashes. We are trying to simulate the exact conditions for this crash.

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