Getting Started

Hearsay Social Engage Product Limitations

Intent: This document is created in order to highlight some parameters for current usage of the Hearsay Social Engage Product for End-Users


General Publishing

  • Searching Content:
    The content library search bar function will search the body of the post, the link headline (if available), but it will not search the link URL or tag.
  • Copying-and Pasting:
    Our publishing window requires some keystrokes entered in order to publish. If copying-and-pasting post copy, please be sure to add and delete a character to activate the “Publish” option.
  • Shortened URLS:
    If an organization has an attached URL shortening account, a user cannot create and publish content with pre-shortened URL.
  • Mass Publishing
    It is not possible to publish content en masse outside of Campaigns.
  • Image Publishing:
    .GIF files are an approved format, but will not be uploaded as moving files. Instead, a still image will be published.


LinkedIn Publishing

  • Long-form publishing:
    We do not currently support LinkedIn Long-Form Publishing, only LinkedIn updates.
  • @Mentions/Tagging
    @Mentions and tagging is only currently possible on Twitter.
  • Facebook Business Page Publishing
    Linking to your Facebook Business page in a post is not recommended, as Facebook will link to an authentication screen.


Ad Account Connection

  • In order to utilize Facebook Ads on Hearsay Social, users must have an ad account set up on Facebook with a payment method established.
  • It is also recommended that a user publish from Hearsay Social at least once before connecting a Facebook Ad account.


  • Signals will remain in our system for thirty days.
  • LinkedIn social signals are available to LinkedIn Premium account holders (Sales Navigator and Business Plus) only.
  • Facebook social signals are available for those organizations that wish to participate in Facebook’s Opt-In requirement.


  • One can “Delete” items through Hearsay for Facebook and Twitter; however, one can only delete LinkedIn posts natively.
  • Private messages cannot be sent through Hearsay Social.

Activity Feeds

  • Facebook:
    Facebook is currently taking more deliberate steps to protect the privacy of user data; as such, they have limited access to Facebook feed information. The lack of feed activity in the Activity tab reflects this change.

  • LinkedIn:
    It is expected that LinkedIn connection updates will appear in the activity feed, but not LinkedIn Company page updates.


  • Contacts are derived from your network, as well as users who have engaged with your published content (liked, commented etc.).
  • It is not a recommended practice to connect two or more accounts from the same social network to a Hearsay Social Workspace. Hearsay Social will not be able to differentiate between data derived from two or more accounts from the same network (contacts, metrics etc.).


  • If a user connect more than one LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account to a Hearsay Social our system will not be able to differentiate between any two accounts from the same network.



  • LinkedIn Primary Email address requires native, LinkedIn verification.
  • LinkedIn provides API access to recommendations received by users, but not by those given by the user to others. Whether this is publicly accessible can be adjusted on LinkedIn.
  • Websites must begin with http:// or https://

Workspace Settings

  • Invitations
    • Workspace owners cannot invite workspace members into their environment until they have attached an account with publishing permissions. This will result in an “insufficient permissions” error.
    • Invitations expire after thirty days of inaction.
    • Invitations may be limited by your organization’s domain.

Asset Linking

  • LinkedIn connection tokens expire annually; and so, users will be prompted to reconnect at least once a year.
  • Connection tokens will also expire when a username/password change is made on the native site.