Personalized & Templated Private Messaging


Think about the last time you had a milestone or a birthday on LinkedIn. Your Inbox may have been flooded with emails saying “Congratulations.” But what kind of impression did that leave on you? Making an educated guess, I’d assume the acknowledgement was pleasant, but a repeated generic message didn’t feel personal, did it?


Take a moment to personalize your notes -- personal enough to make an impression, but universal enough to be sent to others.


When crafting LinkedIn invitation/messages, be sure to consider the 5 P’s and be: Polite, Pertinent, Personalized, Professional and Praiseful.


Need some examples? Here’s a thoughtful birthday message that goes beyond wishful thinking, while remaining insightful and professional:


Hi ______ Being connected with you on LinkedIn gives me a chance to check in and wish you the happiest of birthdays.  In addition to wishing you a great year ahead, I wanted to take this opportunity for me to connect and let you know that I have been helping a lot of my connections with their retirement needs recently. I may not be able to remove candles from your birthday cake, but I can help you eliminate some of the stresses about getting older. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss if you have any questions.

Happy Birthday!


It is often said that the most meaningful moments are in the littlest of details, and by adding personalized touches to your private messages, your network will be sure to notice and appreciate your efforts.

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