Hearsay Social Full Mobile App Overview

The Hearsay Social Mobile App is your on-the-go solution for keeping in touch with your clients and following up with leads. For a full overview, please watch the video below!



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Download the App

Hearsay Social is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Hearsay Social Android App
Hearsay Social iOS App

Getting Started

To get started on the Hearsay Social Mobile App, first:

  1.  Log into Hearsay on your computer
  2. Once in Hearsay, click your User Panel in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Mobile Settings.
  4. Click Connect New Device
  5. Follow the steps presented, including:
    1. Downloading the Hearsay Social App
    2. Entering in the listed email address
    3. Click Connect Your Device
    4. Enter in the activation code listed.


You will be asked if you'd like to turn on notifications. We highly recommend that you do in order to stay up-to-date with your clients on Social, Sites, and Mail and be able to respond and reply as soon as you receive a new suggested post or lead from a Sites Lead Form. Turn on Notifications by clicking "Allow" when asked if you'd like receive notifications.

Once in the app, you'll see four tabs: Action, Social, and More. Below is a little more information about each section.

Actions Tab

Under the Actions tab, you'll be prompted to follow several actions that mirror the Action List on desktop. You can publish new posts, schedule posts, follow up on a new Sites lead, and more.

Once you complete all the recommended actions, you will see a screen that congratulates you on completing all actions for the given timeframe.

Social Tab

The Social tab shows all content suggested to you by your organization. You can filter to see content by category, type, network, and more. You can also search by keyword while filtering.


Publishing/Scheduling a post

1. Tap Publish

2. Edit your post

3. Select the network(s) to publish to

4. Select publish time.

5. Tap Publish or schedule (if you choose a publish time other than "Immediately")

Creating New Post

1. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner.

2. To upload an image, tap camera icon to choose a photo or take a photo.

3. To include a link, insert the link and tap Return to make the summary card appear.

4. Continue through the publishing/scheduling a post workflow in order to publish or schedule your content.


More Tab

Under the More tab, you'll find the following options.

• Workspace Selection - Toggle between available workspaces.

• Leave Feedback - Use this to contact our Support team. Please keep "Send additional device info" checked so our Support team can further investigate your issue.

• Privacy Policy - View the Hearsay Social privacy policy.

• Logout - Log out of the app.


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