Post Library Subpages (Pre-released, Scheduled and More)

Your Post Library, found under Content > Post, will give you access to the following sub-pages:

  • Suggested: Displays pre-approved content curated by your organization for your instant publishing/scheduling use.
  • Pre-released: Displays content that is not yet available to be published or scheduled but is coming soon.
  • Scheduled: Content you have scheduled for later delivery.
  • Published: Content you have published to your social accounts.
  • Pending: Original content that you have created and is currently awaiting compliance review.
  • Denied: Original content that you created but was denied by your compliance team as it did not align with compliance policy.
  • Calendar: A visual calendar which allows you to see how you've scheduled content for the next 7 days or a full month. Content can easily be dragged upward/downward to change the scheduled time and left or right to change the scheduled day.
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