Updating Your Site in Hearsay Sites

An advisor or agent can request changes to a Site from either the Home tab or the Manage Sitetab.

To request changes to a Hearsay Site, select the Request Changes button located in the upper right corner. You will then see what your current Site has (on the left of the screen) and what your Requested Changes are on the right side.


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 You may be presented with an option to add additional material to an existing section. For example, there might be an Add to Team Members option. Once a section is added, it must be populated with the necessary fields associated with it.



Additional options that might be available to modify a Site include the option to remove a section, change its location in the Site hierarchy, and upload a file or image, such as a team member photo.

After making changes, you will need to click the Submit Request button so that your requested changes can be reviewed for approval.



Preview Changes to a Site

To preview the changes you have made, select Preview Changes at the bottom of the page. A red bar at the bottom of the page will display when viewing a site in Preview Mode.



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