2019 Content Study Tipsheets

Hearsay aggregated data from 32 leading U.S. financial services firms and their cumulative 110,150 advisors and agents who used the Hearsay Social platform during the 2018 calendar year. In all, this study analyzed 34,888 corporate-suggested social media posts and over 9.6 million advisor-published posts, across the four industry segments. 

We looked at the suggested social media content that corporate marketing teams provide for their advisors and classified them as follows:

  • Non-industry​ content: Also referred to as lifestyle content, non-industry content is designed to entertain, inform, and build trust among social media followers. It also gives advisors the opportunity to show their more human, personal side. 
  • Industry​ content: Content whose primary goal is to discuss and educate around industry-specific topics that highlight an agent or advisor’s professional expertise. Examples include:
  • Corporate ​content: This is content that aims to educate followers about the advisor’s firm and the products and services it provides. This can often contain a mix of industry and non-industry messages, usually with corporate branding.

Please leverage the below tipsheets for data pertaining to your specific industry segment.



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