Trouble Accepting Workspace Invitations when Using Internet Explorer

*Please Note: Hearsay will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) starting September 1, 2021.  This means that starting September 1, customers may have a degraded experience or may be unable to connect to and/or use Hearsay's services via IE 11. Hearsay strongly recommends using the most recent version of any other browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. For a full list of supported web browsers and devices, please click here.

If when using Internet Explorer you are experiencing difficulty accepting a workspace invitation, please reference the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Log into Hearsay Social.
  2. Once logged in, reference and open the email invitation you received from Hearsay. Do not click the blue "accept invitation" button. Instead, right click on the blue button.
  3. Select "Copy Link Address" or "Copy URL" based on your version of Internet Explorer.
  4. Return to your web browser and paste the link into the address bar.
  5. Press "Enter".




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