New Suggested Post Library Layout

As of September 26, 2022, the Suggested Post Library will have a new layout. This new layout creates a smoother and faster experience with finding and selecting content that supports an agent or advisor's social media strategy.

The Post Library and Post Cards have been redesigned to include enhanced search, sort, and filter capabilities, along with the following functionality and display improvements:

  • Posts now include the content creators, and creation and expiry dates
  • Improved search logic (e.g. partial match search) and results ordering
  • Capability to search content by numerical post ID  (‘123456’) 
    • Previous solution (‘id:123456’)
  • There's now a filter for the GIF content type.
  • The library has an overall sleeker design and more modern functions.


Filtering allows the user to sort by modification rules, content type, networks, tags, and content creators (if enabled by your organization) in a new pop-up window.

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