What are Hearsay Social Insights?

Hearsay Social Insights for end users

A new end-user dashboard called Social Insights provides workspace-level social media metrics for the past 30 days. These metrics include: 

  • Number of published posts 
  • Number of impressions
  • Number of likes, comments and shares 
  • Number of clicks on links 
  • Number of connections and/or followers. Here is how we capture this number for each social media network:
      • LinkedIn: total number of connections 
      • X/Twitter: total number of followers 
      • Facebook: total number of followers and page likes
      • Instagram: total number of followers
  • Top interest categories for the advisor/agent, based on our AI engine’s analysis of their search and publishing history.
  • Top interest categories for the advisor/agent’s audience, based on our AI engine’s analysis of audience engagement with the advisor/agent’s posts.
  • Top performing posts of the advisor
  • Top performing posts of the advisor’s peers

The numerical metrics are also paired with org-level benchmarks, which provide comparison figures of how the advisor/agent is performing versus their peers.

Below these metrics, advisors/agents see personalized recommendations based on their individual, group and organization-level measures. These recommendations provide guidance on what advisors/agents can do differently to improve their social media presence and performance. 

This new Social Insights dashboard is replacing the existing Metrics page. 

Social media performance and presence metrics from the Social Insights dashboard

Hearsay Social Insights Video


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