What are Hearsay Relate Insights?

A new end-user dashboard called Relate Insights provides workspace-level social media metrics for the past 30 days. These metrics include:

  • Number of Conversations
  • Number of Appointments
  • Number of Unique Contacts Engaged
  • Response Time for missed incoming calls
  • Response Time for incoming texts
  • Number of Incoming/Outgoing calls
  • Number of Incoming/Sent messages
  • Number of New Contacts
  • Number of Contacts Opted-In

The numerical metrics are also paired with org-level benchmarks, which provide comparison figures of how the user is performing versus their peers.

Below these metrics, users see personalized recommendations based on their individual, group and organization-level measures. These recommendations provide guidance on what users can do differently to boost client engagement.

Relate Insights is available by first clicking Insights in the side menu, then selecting the Relate tab in the top-left.

Relate conversation metrics and visualizations from the Relate Insights dashboard

image-20240313-194530 (1).png

image-20240313-194626 (1).png


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