Sending/Scheduling an Email/Event Email

The Email Library tab is where you will find Hearsay Mail content created and curated by your organization’s social media and compliance team.

Click a piece of Mail content or click Compose Email to get started.


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Click a piece of content from your organization’s library or click Filter to choose categories of content.

Note: If your organization has enabled this feature, you will have the option to click Create Your Own to create your own content.


In this field you will determine the contacts or lists of contacts this piece of content will be sent to.

Note: to add contacts or create a list of contacts, please see the Contacts section of this guide.

If your organization has enabled the ability to customize your content or create your own original content, you will have the following features available to you:

  • Subject: This text provides the subject line of the message to be sent.
  • Body: This text provides the content of the email you are sending and can include images, text and links.
    • Pro Tip: Text can be added below your organization's legal disclaimer message at the bottom of the email.Screen_Shot_2019-08-19_at_4.22.13_PM.png
  • Add an Image: Selecting this option allows you to upload an image to your message. Once the image is uploaded, you can either replace it with a Showcase Link or another image by hovering over the current image.
  • Insert Variable: Once selected, a dropdown will show both Contact and Agent variables available for pre-population within the piece of content being created, including both the subject line and body of the email.
    • Pro Tip: Variables enable your content to become more personalized and direct.
  • Preview Email: Preview how the email will appear to your recipient(s) within the New Email tool.
  • Test to Yourself: Send the email to yourself to view it in your personal inbox.


Event Emails

Your organization may also create templated event emails to help their agents and advisors spread the word about upcoming occurrences.

Agents and advisors will have the ability to customize the following fields:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • RSVP Email
    • This allows the end-user to select an email address associated with their workspace. Alternatively, the email addresses of workspace members can also be chosen.


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