Subscribing to Dynamic and Relative Campaigns

Dynamic and Relative Campaigns allow your organization to automate publishing which helps you generate awareness on social, even if your busy schedule limits the time you can dedicate to your social media efforts.

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Clicking on the subscribe button takes you to the Campaigns page inside Hearsay, where you can see upcoming posts and subscribe to the campaign. Once you've subscribed, the campaign posts will automatically be scheduled to publish to your connected social accounts.


A campaign is a bundle of posts grouped together and released separately at timed intervals. Your organization creates and shares suggested campaigns to make it easier for you to publish.

Once your organization has created and shared a campaign with you, it is added to your Campaign Library.


Accessing Campaigns

Follow the steps below to access your Campaign Library.

1. Select Content from the top navigation bar.

2. Select Campaigns from the Content drop-down menu.

To view the posts that are in a campaign, click in See All Posts. A drawer will appear from the right that will have all of the posts currently scheduled for that campaign.




Subscribing to a Campaign

Follow the steps below to Subscribe to a campaign to post to your connected social accounts.

1. In your Campaign Library, select the campaign you would like to schedule.


2. Select the Social Accounts networks on which to share the campaign posts.


  • Note: If any of the posts in the campaign contain a message that is over 140 characters long, Twitter will not be available to select as one of the social networks on which the campaign's posts can be published.

3. If a campaign has a dynamic start date, you can change the campaign's start date in the date field under the social network icons. 


  • Note: You can set the start date to any date within the date range of the campaign, meaning the first post must be scheduled to be published before the campaign's expiration date. Subsequent posts will be published accordingly.


4. Click Subscribe to Campaign, and you're all set!

  • Note: Once scheduled, individual posts associated with a campaign are displayed in your Calendar (accessible under the Content tab) and on your Scheduled Posts page, which is accessible by selecting Scheduled under the Content Library heading on the left sidebar on your Posts page. You can modify the date and time associated with a campaign post from either of the aforementioned locations: Calendar and Scheduled Posts. You can also access the Content Library and Calendar by clicking on these links above the Campaign List.



Filtering Your Campaigns

On the top tabs of the Campaign Library, you can see Available for Subscription and Subscribed.

  • Note: Once a campaign is scheduled, it will not appear under the Available for Subscription list. To see scheduled campaigns, access the Scheduled tab in Campaign Library.


Unsubscribing from a Campaign

Follow the steps below to unsubscribe from a scheduled campaign.

1. Select the Scheduled tab from the top of the Campaign Library.


2. Find the campaign and click "Unsubscribe from Campaign."




For certain scenarios, organizations may want all or a specific subset of advisors to be subscribed to the same campaigns. Hearsay will sweep all workspaces that the campaign is targeted to and automatically subscribe workspaces that:

    • Are not currently subscribed
    • Have not previously unsubscribed

When an advisor is subscribed to the campaign, they will receive an email notification that lets them know they are subscribed and provides a link to the campaign so they can review the details and unsubscribe if they choose.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Will advisors be able to see upcoming posts on the calendar?

Yes, advisors will be able to see upcoming posts from a campaign in the Hearsay Social calendar.


Will advisors be able to reschedule, unschedule or modify campaign posts on the calendar?

Yes. Once you have subscribed to a campaign, you will be able to reschedule, unschedule and modify posts from a campaign. However, you have to first subscribe to the campaign before you can perform any of the above tasks.

Note: Users will not be able to modify Pre-Released Content that has been scheduled as part of a Dynamic Campaign. This means the content will not appear in the content library until a later scheduled date, but is grouped within a campaign, and cannot be re-scheduled until after the established pre-release date.