Modifying Campaign Content

In some cases, campaigns may contain posts that can be modified to drive increased audience engagement. Follow the steps below to modify campaign posts.

1. From the Campaigns tab on the left navigation bar, subscribe to your desired campaign. If campaigns contain modifiable content, you will see the tag "Modification Optional" or "Modification Required" in the post summary box to the right. 

2. To modify campaign posts from campaigns you've subscribed to, click Post Library > My Posts. Campaign posts will be shown under the Scheduled section and have the label "Campaign" in the top right corner of the summary card.

3. Simply click on the post and modify the post caption as needed. If your organization allows, you can upload a custom image. If needed, you can update the accounts and post time from here. Then click Schedule or Request Approval from the dropdown arrow.

You can view all of your scheduled posts from the Calendar tab and make updates to posts directly from the calendar as well.





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