Using Social Signals to Track Milestone Events in Your Network

When individuals take a moment to wish us Happy Birthday, it signifies that they pay close attention to important moments taking place in our lives. Other milestone events could be moving to a new location, getting married, having a child, getting a new job or promotion, and more. These moments create opportunities for others to reach out and wish us well, or to let them know we’re here to support them.

If you have a Sales Navigator or Business Plus LinkedIn Premium Account, you have access to social signals from this network. Hearsay will provide you a dashboard to ensure that you never miss an important moment taking place in your audience’s lives. On LinkedIn, we detect changes in last name, headline, and location. We can also detect changes in industry and degree.

Note: On Twitter, we detect changes in name, location, follower count, and description.

To learn more, click on each section or review the video that follows.

Enabling Social Signals

Using Social Signals



Enabling Social Signals

1.  Make sure you have a Sales Navigator or Business Plus and/or LinkedIn Premium Account and know your log-in information.

2. Log in to Hearsay. From the Settings dropdown, select Accounts.

3. If your LinkedIn Profile is already connected to your workspace, click Edit next to your LinkedIn profile.

From here, switch to Receive Social Signals to On

Enter your LinkedIn credentials and follow the prompts to verify your account.

4. If you’re connecting LinkedIn for the first time, click Connect LinkedIn at the bottom and enter in your LinkedIn login credentials. 

5. If entered correctly, your LinkedIn Profile will appear. Checkmark the box next to your LinkedIn profile and click Next.

6. On the following screen, checkmark the box that says “Receive Social Signals and Contact information for this profile.” Remember, only Sales Navigator or Business Plus LinkedIn Premium Accounts will be able to checkmark this box successfully. Click Finish to complete the process.


Using Social Signals

1. Once your LinkedIn Profile is properly connected and set to receive Social Signals, click Respond > Opportunities.

2. Over time, Signals will populate. Click the arrow to expand a signal in order to review it in greater detail. 

From here, you can categorize signals as:

  • Follow-Up: which signals you plan to follow up on
  • Completed: which signals you’ve already addressed
  • Dismissed: which signals you wish to remove and dismiss.

*Select Mark As Inaccurate if you have reason to believe the end-user updated their LinkedIn account incorrectly.

With Social Signals, you’ll never miss an important moment taking place in your audience’s lives, and your audience will be sure to notice it.


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