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Get more people to see and engage with your Facebook Page posts. Promoting a post on Facebook displays that post to all the Facebook users you targeted, whether they are currently in your network (connections) or not. You can promote a post that you have published to Facebook using the Hearsay Social Facebook Ads feature.

Note: You must wait 20 minutes after publishing the content to be able to boost the post through Hearsay Social.

Instructions provided describe how to add a payment method to your Facebook business page, connect your Facebook Ad account to Hearsay Social, and promote a published post using the Hearsay Social Facebook Ads feature.

Adding a Payment Method

Before you can promote a post, Facebook requires that you add a payment method. Facebook makes frequent updates to their application; please access the following link for more information on Facebook Ads.

To add a payment method:

  1. Log into your Facebook Business page.
  2. Once in your business page, locate the Ad Manager.
  3. Once you click on Ads Manager, you will be taken to a new Ads Manager window.  
  4. Here you can navigate to Billing and Payment Methods which will in turn let you Add Payment Method.

Note: You will be advised to select a default payment method. To ensure that the Facebook Ads account is available to add to your Hearsay Social account, you must add a payment method.

Connecting Your Facebook Ad Account to Hearsay Social

  1. Log into Hearsay on your desktop.
  2. Click Settings at the top of your screen and select Accounts.
  3. If you haven't yet already, click Connect Facebook and connect your account via the steps provided here.
  4. Once you've connected your Facebook Business Page to Hearsay, click the Edit button on the right side of your Facebook Business page.
  5. Select the Connect ad account button on the right side of the Promote Posts section.
  6. Re-enter your Facebook profile login credentials.
  7. Select the Facebook ad account from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Finish.

If you do not see a Facebook account listed, make sure that you have completed the previous steps to ensure your Facebook account is connected to a Facebook Ad account.

Promoting a Post

  1. Select Post Library from the left navigation bar, and click Promoted at the top of your screen.
  2. Select Promotable Content on the left-hand side.
  3. Choose the Published Post you would like to promote. Note: It must be a post that you have already published to Facebook at least 20 minutes prior.
  4. Select the Promote Post button in the bottom left corner of the publisher window.

Targeting Your Promoted Post

After you select the Promote Post button, the Promote Content on Facebook dialog box (where you can set the criteria to target the appropriate contacts (audience) with your newly promoted post) is displayed.

  1. Select a section, such as Social Accounts or Budget, to enter the appropriate information into the available text fields in the Promote Content on Facebook dialog box. For more detailed information on the available text fields, see the image and bullet list below.
  2. Once you've made your selections, click Promote Post to complete the process.

Promote Post Criteria 

  • Network: If you have more than one Facebook ad account connected to Hearsay Social, you can select which Facebook Ad account you would like to use to promote the post.
  • Demographics:
    • Location: Use the location field to geographically target your promotion.
    • Age: Only users within your age range will see your promoted post.
    • Gender: Control which gender will see your promoted post.
    • Connections:
      • People Who Like Your Page: The Promoted Post will only be shown to those who have liked your page.
      • Friends of People Who Like Your Page: The Promoted Post will only be shown to the friends of people who have liked your business page. (For example: Person A liked my business page, and is friends with Person B. Therefore, Person B will be displayed the Promoted Post.
      • Exclude People Who Like Your Page: Your Promoted Post will only be shown to those who have not yet liked your Facebook Business page.
  • Life Event: You can target Facebook users based on specific life events such as a wedding or buying a home.
  • Interest: You can target certain interest groups or areas of interest with your promoted post, such as only real estate or insurance.
  • Budget: Set the budget you would like to allocate to your promoted post, for instance you can set a Lifetime budget at $40 for the duration of the campaign; the money will be deducted until it runs out or the end date of the campaign is reached, whichever comes first. You may also set a Daily budget. For example, you may set a budget of $2.00 per day - Facebook will run your ad until the $2.00 per day is spent and will do so until the campaign end date is reached.
  • Schedule:
    • Start: Set a start date to begin promoting your post.
    • End: Set an end date for the post promotion to expire.

For more information on Facebook Ads, refer to the following link: Facebook Ad Basics.

Facebook Ad Metrics

You can access and view key performance and budget spent metrics directly on each promoted post in Hearsay Social.

  1. Select the Content tab on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Posts from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Promoted under the Post Library menu on the left sidebar.

Each promoted post provides you with the following performance data:

  • Start date: Facebook Ad (promoted post) start date
  • Reach: # of people who have seen your promoted post
  • Budget Spent: current amount of your budget spent
  • Number of Likes: # of people who have "liked" your promoted post
  • Number of Clicks: # of people who have clicked on your promoted post
  • Number of Comments: # of people who have comment on your promoted post

Want more information? Click the Manage on Facebook link in the bottom-right corner of the promoted post. This link takes you to the selected promoted post's details in Facebook's Ad Manager.


For information on best practices, contact your organization's administrator or your Hearsay Social Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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