User Panel/Settings

Connecting a Facebook Business Page

Once you've created a Facebook Business page, you can connect it to Hearsay by:

  • Clicking your User Panel in the top-right corner of your workspace
  • Choose Connect Accounts
  • Click Connect Facebook
  • Enter your Facebook Profile login credentials
    • This is because Facebook profiles own/administer Facebook business pages
  • Once logged in, checkmark the box next to the appropriate Facebook business page
    • If you are not presented with pages to choose, this means the page is already connected to another Hearsay workspace, or you are not listed as an admin of a Facebook business page.
  • Click Finish


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Creating a Facebook Business Page

Only Facebook Business pages, which are owned and administered by Facebook Profiles, can be connected to Hearsay Social. If you haven't yet created a Facebook Business page before, click here for step by step instructions. 


Removing Accounts

To remove a connected social account:

  1. Log into your Hearsay workspace
  2. Click your user-panel in the top-right corner of the screen and choose Connect Accounts
  3. Click Remove next to the social account you wish to disconnect from Hearsay