Granting Permissions for a Social Account

Granting permissions authorizes Hearsay to facilitate actions between itself and the social network, such as:

  • Publishing and scheduling content to the social network(s)
  • Empowering you to respond to social network activity
  • Surfacing engagement metrics and insights to assist your social strategy
  • Syncing social contacts/connections
  • Engaging with your compliance and supervision teams

If Hearsay does not have all required permissions, the connection between the Hearsay workspace and social account is incomplete, which may violate your compliance policy depending on the missing permission(s) and your organization’s policy. 

You might need to occasionally grant, or re-grant, permissions for your social accounts. Reasons for granting permissions can include:

  • changes to the social network's security policies or infrastructure. 
  • updated login credentials. 
  • a periodic re-authentication requirement (LinkedIn).

If you have any issues re-authorizing a permission, please contact

Granting Permissions

1. Log in to your Hearsay account via desktop. At the top of the screen, click Settings > Accounts.

2. Next to the account, click Reconnect. 

3. Grant all permissions as prompted in the pop-up box.


If you don't give the required permissions for reconnecting an account, Hearsay will send you regular reminders on your Homepage and via email until the required permissions have been granted. Here is an example Homepage reminder: 


If you do not see the reminder on your Homepage, or if you couldn't successfully grant permissions, you can manually disconnect and reconnect the account. This allows you to grant permissions as if the account was new.

1. Login to your Hearsay account via desktop. At the top of the screen, click Settings > Accounts.

2. Next to the account, click Remove.

3. Follow the prompts to remove the account.

4. Once removed, click Connect <social network>.

5. Follow the provided prompts to reconnect your account and grant permissions. 




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