Sending an Email in Hearsay Mail

To help your organization expand social selling with advisor-client communication, we have launched Hearsay Mail as a central part of our Social product. Our goal is to help advisors have more direct and personal conversations with their prospects and clients. Advisors benefit from building stronger client relationships using this new feature while admins benefit from leveraging the same Hearsay platform for easy content distribution and program tracking.

To utilize this functionality to send branded, templated emails, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click "Compose Email" at the top-right of your dashboard.


  2. Choose from any of the pre-populated emails that are available in your Email Library.


From here, you can add recipients, edit the subject line, edit the message body, and preview the email before sending.



Can I add email variables like { contactFirstName } to the subject line?

Yes! As of March 2018, this feature is now available to all Hearsay users. Just select the variable from the menu and choose "add to subject" to populate the information just like it does in the message body.