Creating an Editorial Content Calendar with Resonating Content


An editorial content calendar is a great way to plan your content over the course of a week, month, or even for an entire quarter. Focus on identifying and creating overarching themes that align with timely events to drive home their relevance.


For instance, August is often the height of the summer season. Strategic content for this month may incorporate:


  • Infographics featuring interesting summer facts
  • “Real Life Stories” sharing local stories of those who are doing something positive in your community
  • Quick facts about the summer and upcoming holidays and how they impact the Fin Serv industry you are in.


In terms of overarching themes, markdown holidays and occasions that are important to your audience, such as advertising, events, holidays, product launches and more.


You will also want to think about content that is specific to your niche and not associated with a specific date or time. Content such as this allows you to move and rearrange your scheduled items as needed without falling out of sync, and provides variety to your theme.


And when creating content for your business to consumer audience, make sure you are appealing to their emotional side. Content that entertains is key in driving engagement and brand awareness. Some examples of this include:



  • Celebrating your office’s success and community. If done the right way, this can be highly effective and will help build deeper relationships with your clients while providing a behind the scenes look at your office culture. Another great idea is to highlight any volunteer work your organization has done for non-profits in the area. It is always great to see a company dedicated to making their community better.
  • Make Use of Popular Hashtag Trends such as Throwback Thursday, Funny Friday or Tip Tuesday. Recurring themes are great because they create incentive for your customers to consistently look forward to your weekly updated content.
  • Allow your fans to get inspired and informed about local news through your page such as local weather, upcoming concerts, farmers’ markets and more. You can deliver a lot of value by posting about some of the important things not just happening at your practice, but in your community.
  • And make it personal. You know all about the families of the clients you serve, but social lets your clients also know about you, your family members and practice members! We know that sharing about your family is personal, but in reality, social media is personal. It’s all about building closer relationships from afar and you can only do that by sharing personal content.



By sharing this type of content your clients and prospects are likely to feel closer to you as you will become more relatable and human to your audience.  We all have things we are passionate about and sharing what you care about with others allows you to get closer to the people with whom you are trying to build deeper relationships.


Once you have nailed down your content themes, think about the types of content you want to share with your network. The world of content continues to evolve, so be prepared to experiment and keep things fresh!

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