Researching the Competition & Your Metrics


Along with your cup of coffee, take a few minutes in the morning to browse your social channels and check out your competition to see what is working well for them. Look at the engagement of the content that they are posting and make note of it. Incorporating this into your social routine could make a huge difference.


With any social network, the more you publish, the more you start to judge the effectiveness of your posts by seeing what generates the most interest.


When using LinkedIn, gage the amount of comments, shares, views, and likes you give and receive.

In terms of Facebook, take into account the number of comments, shares, reactions and views you deliver and acquire.

And with Twitter, measure the amount of replies, retweets and likes that come through.


The goal here is to inspire, and not imitate.  Remember that above all, you want your personality to shine through so that people can “get to know you” via your social media profiles. It is good to imitate the aspects of other people’s content that is working for them, but don’t get lost trying to be somebody you’re not.


Additionally, it is important to identify aspects of your competition’s social content to see what behaviors you don’t want to adopt. Take notes on what your audience prefers in terms of communication style, social content and industry news and modify your approach accordingly.

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