What is a Relative Email Campaign?

Relative Email Campaigns are intended to be a finite series of non-time-sensitive emails that are sent to each recipient relative to the date the recipient is subscribed. A “Life Insurance 101 for Young Families” relative campaign can include 10 scheduled emails to go out on Day 1, Day 15, Day 29, etc. Advisors can subscribe their younger married prospects and clients to share information and stories on a bi-monthly basis to help educate them on the benefits of life insurance.

With the addition of Relative Email Campaigns to Hearsay’s existing Dynamic Email Campaigns, advisors can more easily automatically nurture clients and prospects through modern email marketing.


How to Add Subscribers to a Relative Email Campaign

  1. Head to 1-to-1 Outreach.
  2. Click Campaigns.
  3. Click Add Subscribers.
  4. Select the contacts that you'd like subscribed to the campaign.




To view the contents of an Email Campaign, click on its title from the Campaign screen, then click on its Subject in the Email Campaign Details screen. Then you can read the contents of the email.

From the Email Campaign Details screen, you can see when the emails in these campaigns are scheduled to go out. A Dynamic Email Campaign will have set dates whereas a Relative Email Campaign will have markers like "Day 1" or "Day 32". From here, you can also add Subscribers.



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