Connecting an Instagram Professional Account to Hearsay

Hearsay Social supports connecting Instagram Professional Accounts to Hearsay in order to publish and schedule visual content for your network. If you only have an Instagram Profile but not an Instagram Professional Account, please see Converting Instagram Profiles into Professional Accounts read the instructions, or watch a video on how to complete this process.

Note: Because Facebook owns Instagram, and your Instagram Professional Account is created from your Facebook Business Page, you must have credentials for both to connect Instagram. 

For more information, click on the desired section below or review the video.

Connecting a Professional Instagram Account to Hearsay


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Connecting an Instagram Professional Account to Hearsay

1. In Hearsay, click Settings > Accounts in the top right corner

2. On the Accounts page, click Connect Instagram and enter your Facebook Profile credentials. This is the Facebook Profile that manages your Facebook Business Page. 

3. Select your Instagram Professional Account you want to connect and click Finish.



If you previously connected your Instagram Professional Account to Hearsay and you encounter a popup that says You’ve previously linked Hearsay Social to Facebook, you might need to edit your settings to ensure we are connecting the right account.

1. In the popup, click Edit Settings

2. On the next page, check the box next to the Instagram Professional Account you are trying to connect, then click Next

3. On the next page, check the box next to your Facebook Business Page you used to create your Instagram Professional Account, then click Next

4. On the next page, ensure all permissions are switched to YES, then click Done

5. On the last page, click Done

6. Now, you can connect your Instagram Professional Account by following the steps at the top of this article.


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You can disconnect a social media account from Hearsay in your User Panel. See Removing social media accounts from Hearsay for more information. 

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