Automated Workflow Reminders for Appointments, Greetings, and Birthdays

The ability to send and schedule a text message at the appropriate time within the guardrails of compliance is a game changer, but with Hearsay Relate you can also schedule greetings, birthday wishes and appointment reminders for either a select group of contacts or your entire book of business with just a few clicks. By entering in the appropriate information within a spreadsheet, Hearsay Relate can templatize important text messages and schedule them at the appropriate time. This helps ensure that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your network during the most important times of the year.

To get started, follow these steps or follow along with the video below:

  1. Log into Hearsay Relate on your computer.
  2. Click Reminders from your navigation bar.
  3. Choose from the available categories and then click Download Spreadsheet Template. A .CSV file will download to your computer which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Required fields will be listed in row 1 that correspond to the category you chose. Fill in the data appropriately and remember you can include 1 contact, 10 contacts, 100 contacts or even your entire book of business in this form.
  5. Once finished, save the changes in Excel and return to Hearsay.
  6. At the bottom of the Reminders page, click Select File and locate the .CSV on your computer. Once the .CSV has uploaded, you’ll be brought to a preview page which will list the first 3 contacts in your file. If Hearsay is unable to recognize a column, simply assign it by clicking the drop-down menu and assign accordingly.
  7. Then click Continue.

So long as your contact has consented to communicate via text messaging, all scheduled text messages will be listed with the ability to personalize them if needed. And when ready, click Schedule and choose to send the message on the date presented, referenced from your .CSV excel sheet, or choose Custom to set it for a different date.

Once chosen, the page will clear, and your scheduled text message will appear on your Scheduled page, where you can customize or update the date parameters as many times as needed ahead of its scheduled share time.

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