Mobile App

Articles pertaining to the mobile version of Hearsay Social, available on iOS and Android devices.

Connecting the Mobile App with Your Workspace


Please use the above video to connect your Hearsay workspace with the Hearsay Social mobile app.


Logging In

Once you've connected, you will be prompted to utilize either Face ID, Touch ID, or a pin-number for enhanced security, protecting the Hearsay Social app from being opened on your phone by another individual.

Note: Biometric data is stored on the user’s own device; not by Hearsay Social. The device validates whether or not the biometric scan matches what it has recorded (whether it’s fingerprint or FaceID). If the scan matches, the application unlocks; if it doesn’t match, the application does not unlock. If the biometric unlocking fails the maximum number of times (3 times on iOS; 5 times on Android), the user will need to log in to Social via email.