What is the Share Consent Link?

The Hearsay Relate Share Consent Link is what allows your customers to text you without you needing to send them an opt-in text message first. 

All you have to do to allow your customers to text you is to send them the Consent Link. The link provided can be shared via email or on social media and allows your contacts to agree to your opt-in message on their own.

To share the Consent Link , click Account to go to your Account page and then view the Share Consent Link. Once your network clicks it, they will be prompted to enter in their first name, last name and phone number. They will then click Opt-In Now.

Once a contact completes this form, your Hearsay Relate Conversations window will update. The contact’s conversation window will unlock with a message that states: (User Name): Signed up to receive text messages.


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Get your unique Opt-In Link

  • In Hearsay Relate, click Account from your navigation
  • Under “Share Consent” section, you will see a blue URL link. This is the unique link for your Hearsay Relate account. You will send it to your clients when you ask them to give you permission to send them text messages.
  • When your client clicks this link, a brief form will automatically open. Your client will fill it out to give you permission to send text messages (“opt in”).




Once the contact has confirmed their opt-in via the above process, a thank you message will be sent to the contact providing steps should they wish to opt-out of the service.



Best Practices: 

The Hearsay Relate Opt-In Link is an easy way to request and obtain client approval to communicate via text message. Here’s how to use it:

  • Send your client an email to your customer and include the share-consent link within the message.
  • Feel free to use the  email message below to ask your for your client’s approval to send text messages,  but be sure to insert your unique Opt-In Link where indicated:

[Subject line] Can I send you texts?


Many of my clients now find it more convenient to receive text messages from me rather than emails, phone calls or letters.

Because your privacy is of paramount importance to me, and I want to comply with all of my industry’s best practices and standards, it is my policy not to send text messages to you until I receive your permission to do so.

Filling out this form will give permission for me—or one of my direct employees, acting on my behalf, with my knowledge and permission—to contact you via text message with information pertaining to your account.

To give me permission to send you text messages, please click the link below, and complete the brief form that will appear:   


Thank you for your assistance—and for the opportunity to serve you.



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