Creating a Facebook Business Page

What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook offers all users of its platform the ability to create a Facebook Business Page for free. Facebook business pages allow you to publish and schedule content related to your business or profession, as well as monitor performance and engagement, granting you visibility into when your audience is more likely to be online and interact with your business.

Facebook Business Pages are not the same as regular Facebook Profiles, which is what individual Facebook users have. However, in order to create a Facebook Business Page, you must be logged in to Facebook already with a regular Facebook Profile. You can then create a business page and connect it to Hearsay. 

Creating a Facebook Page

  1. Log into with your regular Facebook profile.
  2. In the list on the left, under Home, click See all until you find the Pages option.
  3. Click Create new Page.
  4. Enter in the name you wish to give your Facebook Business Page. For example, "Kai Smith : Advisor, 123 Financial". 
    • Note: You can only change the name of your page once if it has fewer than 200 Page likes or reactions. Once you surpass 200 likes or reactions, you must formally apply for a rebrand with Facebook  OR create a new page.
  5. Enter a category, for example, "Financial Services".
  6. Describe your business in the Bio box.
  7. Click Create Page to move forward.
  8. Optionally, upload a profile photo and cover photo, then click Save.
  9. You've successfully created your Facebook Business Page. Now, connect the page to Hearsay so you can compliantly fill out the information about your business, and start publishing. See the resources listed below to get started:


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Next Steps: Key Elements to Include on Your Facebook Page

  • Fill out the About info to add some more details about your business, for instance, who you are, what you specialize in, etc.
  • Be sure to add the appropriate disclaimer, if necessary.
  • Enter your Website address, if applicable.
  • Choose a unique Facebook web address (also referred to as a vanity URL). This will help people find your Page.


Additional Tips:

  • Advertisements: If you choose to take advantage and incorporate Facebook Ads into your social media strategy, your Facebook Page name will be displayed in the “headline space” of the ad. The headline space is limited to 25 characters – therefore the shorter and more concise your Facebook Page name, the better.
  • Captions: Return to your Facebook Business Page and edit the description of your uploaded profile and cover photo with relevant information about the photo. Some examples include: your name, organization, and a link to your website.


*The content on this page is subject to change based on Facebook interface updates and improvements.

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