Getting Started

Converting Instagram Profiles into Business Profiles

Instagram’s API only allows for posting to Instagram Business Profiles. Before you can connect your Instagram to Hearsay, you must first convert it to a Business Profile.

You can change an Instagram Personal Profile into a Business one in two ways: on the desktop via your Facebook page or on the mobile app via Instagram. We highly recommend converting through Facebook over Instagram because we’ve seen more success doing it that way.


Converting Via Facebook Page or via the Instagram Mobile Application

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Converting Via Facebook Page

By far the most successful way to convert your Instagram profile is through your Facebook page. This will also automatically connect your Instagram Business Profile to your Facebook Page, circumventing the possibility of accidentally making a new Facebook Page.

To connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account:

1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

2. Click Instagram in the left column.

3. Click Log in.

4. Enter your username and password and click Log In.




If you follow the instructions on your screen, Facebook will then take you to through the process of converting your profile. You will be required to input your email, phone number, and business address to complete the process.




Then you can go to Hearsay Social and connect Instagram under Workspace Settings > Accounts.


Converting Via Instagram App

To convert via Instagram, you can follow the steps here. Make sure you select your existing Facebook Page to connect, otherwise Instagram will create a new Facebook Page that will link. If you accidentally create a new page or connect it to the wrong page, you can change your linked account by following the steps here.

Once you've converted, then you can go add your Instagram Business Profile under Settings > Accounts > Connect Instagram and connecting via your Facebook Profile. The workflow is similar to connecting a Facebook Page, but on the next screen you'll be selecting your Instagram Business Profile instead of a Facebook Page.



Can I connect and publish to personal Instagram profiles?
No. The APIs only support Instagram business profile

Can you have a private Instagram business profile?
No. Only personal accounts can be private.

Can you get data from 3rd party private personal profile (e.g. 3rd party tags HSS User)?
No, you cannot get posts or user information on private personal profiles.