Using Your Calendar in Hearsay Sites

From your calendar, you can view posts that you have submitted for submitted for approval, scheduling, pending, denial, promoting (based on organization setup), a part of a campaign, or publishing in the past on an interactive calendar.

Select Calendar from the Web Media section on the left navigation bar. Click on the Month or Week view in the top left corner. You can drag and drop posts to a different day and time or click on the post to make updates. Additionally, you can click on the dropdown next to Schedule to unschedule the post.


Note: You can also create and schedule posts by selecting a day and time on the calendar.

  • The Key at the bottom of the calendar will indicate a scheduled post’s status:
    • Success: successfully published or scheduled to publish, with no action required
    • Pending: pending review and requires admin action
    • Problem: failed to publish for technical reasons, or denied during review process; requires user action to publish
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