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Articles pertaining to the mobile version of Hearsay Social, available on iOS and Android devices.

Creating Content for Instagram


We are excited to offer Instagram inside the Hearsay Social Mobile App. The app offers suggested content as well as the ability to post original content (which it is uniquely suited for). We recommend you promote the Hearsay Social Mobile App to your advisors once you are ready to launch Instagram in your program.

In the mobile app, you will be able to:

1. Publish, schedule or request approval of a single photo post to Instagram.

2. Upload and crop images using preset sizes - Square, Portrait and Landscape for the best viewing quality.

3. Search for Instagram posts in the library.

Please note that the cropping feature is only available in the Mobile App. Because cropping is available, you can select any photo to upload and will be able to crop it to the correct dimensions within the Hearsay Social mobile app.