Connecting a Landline Number

With Hearsay Relate, you can connect and send text messages on behalf of your landline phone number. To get started:

  1. Open the Hearsay Relate app
  2. Click Connect Landline when prompted
  3. Enter in your landline number
    • Note: If you are prompted with alert, stating your number is ineligible, your landline most likely is not text-enabled.
    • To resolve this, please contact your service provider and request that the underlying carrier of your landline number is updated from Bandwidth to Level 3. The latter is a text-enabled carrier that allows landline numbers to send and receive text messages. For assistance, please reach out to our customer support team.
  4. Hearsay Relate will call your landline number and provide a 3-digit number.
  5. Enter the 3-digit number into Hearsay Relate, proving you have physical ownership of your landline number. Within 60 minutes, your Hearsay Relate account will be fully synced with your landline, and you'll be able to begin sending text messages on behalf of the number.

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