Creating Original Content in Hearsay Sites

Depending on your organization's social media policy, you can create and publish Original (Custom) Content to your Hearsay Site. To publish Original Content, follow the steps below.

1. From the Post Library tab under Web Media, click the New Post button in the top right corner.

2. This will open the Publisher tool window. Images and links to content can be added as the post caption. If you include a link, you can delete it after the summary card is generated. Links can be replaced with custom text, a call-to-action, question, etc. 

3. On the Accounts tab, select your Hearsay Site(s). If allowed by your organization, you can select your social media accounts in addition to your website.

4. On the Post Time tab, select Now to publish the post instantaneously or click Select Publish Time to select a future publish date and time. (Note: You can checkmark the Suggested Times feature to post at the suggested times for your social networks and website. This will vary by user).

5. Once complete, select Publish to publish instantly or Schedule to publish on your selected date. If required by your organization, you will see the Request Approval button. You can also click on the arrow next to the Publish/Schedule button to locate the Request Approval button. This will route the post to your compliance team for review. Once approved, the post will be published on your selected date and time.




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