Scheduling Content From Your Hearsay Sites Library

Not only can you publish content to your website instantaneously, but you can also schedule it for later publication.

1. Navigate to the Post Library tab under the Web Media section and either click on a piece of pre-approved content or click New Post to create an original piece of content.

2. If your organization allows, make any updates to the post caption.

3. From the Accounts tab, adjust the piece of content as desired and choose which sites/social accounts will receive this piece of content.

4. Click Select Publish Time to expand the composer window. You will be shown a calendar where you can click dates to designate when the content will be published. You can also click the right arrow button to move into different months. Once you've chosen a date, click the Time Selection box to enter in a custom time of day for the content to publish. You can also check mark the Suggested Times box to publish content at the suggested times for your sites/social networks.

5. Once finished, click Schedule in the bottom right corner to complete this process. If your organizations requires, you will see the Request Approval button, which can also be accessed from the dropdown menu next to Schedule.

You can click on the Scheduled tab to view your scheduled posts.

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