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Articles pertaining to the mobile version of Hearsay Social, available on iOS and Android devices.

Scheduling Content (Mobile)

By default, the scheduled time for all pre-approved content in the library is set to Now, which means the post will be published immediately upon selecting the Publish button, or if your organization requires approval, the post will be published immediately after the post is approved.

To change the date or time on which your post will be published to your social networks, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Publisher tool, select Post Time under Social Accounts to open the calendar and time selection section.
  2. Select the day you would like your post to be published on the calendar located on the left side of the Post Time. Select the arrows to the right and left of the name of the month to switch months of the year.
  3. To change the time your post will be published, select the Time Selection drop-down arrow.
  4. Select one of the provided times from the list, select Now to publish the post immediately, or select Custom Time to enter a desired time.

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