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Reconnecting Social Accounts

Sometimes social accounts will disconnect from the associated Hearsay Social group due to any changes to permissions made on those social accounts, for example, password changes, changes to privacy settings, changes to third-party sharing settings, changes by the social site itself, etc. Whenever certain changes are detected and we lose the ability to publish to or communicate with those social accounts, you will be prompted to reconnect the social account, where the change occurred, back to Hearsay Social.


To Solve:

1. Log into Hearsay Social

2. Click your User-Panel

3. Click Connect Accounts

4. Click Reconnect next to your social account


Note: In order to protect their users' privacy, social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, provide periodic checks to ensure the validity of a third party's use of the particular social media account. These periodic checks may also cause disconnection.

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