Tracking Responses to Posts in Hearsay

Responses are part of the activity happening on your social accounts, such as likes, comments, and retweets. Any responses to the posts you publish on your connected social accounts are displayed under the Respond tab in the Published Posts section. Published Posts is where you can go to view any responses, see who has responded, interact with the people who have responded, and access individual contact's information.

Responding to Posts from Hearsay

Viewing Number of Likes on Posts/Activity

Responding to Posts from Hearsay

1. In Hearsay, select Respond > Published Posts.

2. You will see all of your published posts to your connected social accounts in this section. Use the toggles shown at the bottom of each post to view and respond to activity on each post.

  • Like: selecting "Like" will like your own post.
  • Comment: selecting "Comment" will allow you to make in-line comments. If you have comments on posts, when you click Comment, you can respond back directly from Hearsay.

  • Delete: electing "Delete" will delete the post/activity from your social account.
  • Reply (Twitter only): Selecting "Reply" will allow you to reply back to any replies to your Twitter posts.

Viewing Number of Likes on Posts/Activity

Selecting the # of Likes hyperlink will open a pop-up showing profiles/pages that have liked your published posts/activity.

Note: If your connections are not engaging with or interacting on your published posts, there will be no responses displayed.

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