Receiving Suggested Changes

After a profile is submitted for review, an Admin not only has the ability to approve this material, but also make Suggested Changes to the profile content. If changes are suggested during the Profile Review process, an email notification is sent to the advisor letting her/him know that their profile has been reviewed and is one step away from being approved.

The advisor will need to either click on the link included in that email or log in to Hearsay to view these changes. One can always access the status of profile content --as well as take action on this content-- within the Hearsay Social profiles tab.

Once in the profiles area, an advisor can review the Changes Suggested status, as well as Accept Changes or Revise and Resubmit. If the advisor clicks on Accept Changes Hearsay will push whatever we can to the native network; however, some items may need to be edited manually on the native network.


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