Sending On-Demand Links in Text Messages on Mobile

You can quickly insert saved links into your text messages with your contacts from the Hearsay Mobile application. You will first need to save any links you'll be sharing from Account Settings page on the Hearsay web application/desktop version of Hearsay.
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Sending Links from Hearsay Mobile

Saving On-Demand Links

Sending Links from Hearsay Mobile

1. Within a conversation, click the Plus button in the bottom left.

2. Select the Link icon.

3. Then tap on the link you would like inserted in the text message to your contact. If needed, you can select additional links by tapping on them.

4. Within the text box, you can enter an optional message with the link. Then tap on the Send arrow.

Saving On-Demand Links

1. Log in to the desktop/web application of Hearsay. From the Conversations section, click on Text Message or Message & Call from the left navigation bar.

2. Click Account Settings.

3. Scroll down to the Links to Insert into Messages section. Then copy/paste your desired links into the text box. Each category that is listed is only a suggestion for the types of links to include. However, you can include any link, as long as it is valid. Then click Save Changes.






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