LinkedIn Direct Messages Available in Relate

LinkedIn Direct Messaging functionality is available in the Relate web platform. Advisors/agents can now send and receive LinkedIn direct messages on Relate in Hearsay Desktop, as they would a Relate text message. 

Relate will frequently crawl LinkedIn direct messages between 8:00 AM Eastern Time and 9:00 PM Eastern Time to check for new messages. In order to port/view LinkedIn conversations in Relate there must first be an existing conversation in LinkedIn, i.e. the user has sent or received at least one direct message to/from another person on LinkedIn native platform. Messages received via LinkedIn direct messaging are marked with a blue LinkedIn icon in the Conversations tab in Relate.

In order for advisors/agents to see LinkedIn DMs in their Relate messages, their LinkedIn account has to be connected to the Hearsay workspace and the account has to be “opted in” for Hearsay to crawl and collect data. This happens automatically as part of the process to connect the account to Hearsay. 

Integrating LinkedIn direct messages with Relate meets compliance guidelines, providing a better unified direct messaging experience on the Relate platform and reducing delays in communication. 

This feature is only available to users who have both Hearsay Social and Hearsay Relate enabled.

LinkedIn direct messages in Relate

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