U.S. Text Messages to United Kingdom Carriers Limitation

As of April 2024, there is currently a telecommunications limitation related to U.S. A2P (Application to Person) phone numbers texting man UK-specific telecom carriers.  Some UK carriers, including Telefonica, EE, and Sky, have adopted a policy to block A2P text messages from the U.S. to the UK.

This known limitation affects all Hearsay Relate users with a U.S. phone number that attempts to text a UK phone number that is carried by one of the providers previously mentioned.  The text message will be blocked and an error message will show that the text failed.  Please note that any Relate users with a U.S. phone number who text a user that belongs to any other UK carrier will not have an issue.  Additionally, any UK to UK texting is not impacted.

This limitation is a UK carrier-based decision and is not specific to the Hearsay platform.  All U.S. A2P phone numbers attempting to text a UK phone number carried by the previously mentioned providers will be similarly impacted.

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