Attestation in One Workspace Applies to the Whole Organization

An organizational opt-in model is replacing the individual advisor/agent opt-in model so that all advisors/agents from an organization can text clients who agree to receive messages from that organization. This reduces  the need for multiple opt-in approvals, increases opt-in approval rates, improves client satisfaction through faster communication, and increases the number of conversations that drive business.

This new organizational attestation model is based on 4 rules: 

  • When a client has opted-in (by responding YES) to texting with an advisor/agent at an organization, their number is added to the allow list and all advisors/agents at that organization can text that client without additional opt-in requirements. 

  • If a client opts-out (by responding STOP), their number is removed from the allow list and added to the deny list. Their number is  blocked and nobody from the organization will be able to text them.

  • If a client responds with UNSTOP, they are automatically removed from the deny list and added to the allow list for the organization, and advisors/agents can send text messages to their number.

  • Attestation in one workspace propagates to the whole organization almost in real time.

This feature is currently only available for organizations whose Relate attestation settings are set to Explicit Consent.

Note: To learn more about workspaces see What is a Workspace

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