Adding an Administrator to a Facebook Business Page

To add an administrator to your page in the New Pages Experience, follow these steps: 

1. On Facebook, click on the dropdown next to your profile picture.

2. Click See all Profiles 

2. Select the page you want to grant admin access to.

3. Click Settings > New Pages Experience > Page access

4. Next to People with Facebook access, click Add New

5. Find the name or email address of the person you want to add and select them. 

  • Select the level of access for the person:
    • To give them full control, use the toggle to switch on full access. Most administrators have full access, which allows them to edit settings, add or remove people, and edit access.
    • To give them partial control, leave the toggle off. This is for more of an editor role, where they can still add and edit page content, but they cant control any page settings or access.
    • You can learn more about what different levels of access entail here in this Facebook Help article.
  • Click Give Access, type your Facebook password, and click Confirm

The new administrator will receive an email invite for your page. 



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