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Changing Your Personal Number (Calling)

If you change your personal phone number and utilize Hearsay Relate for incoming/outgoing business phone calls, you'll want to make sure the proper number is listed for call forwarding. This way, all incoming Relate calls will prompt your personal phone to ring, all while under the veil of your business phone number.

Note: If you are utilizing a landline number for Hearsay Relate, you will only be able to make ouibound phone calls when using the application. Inbound phone calls can only be answered using your physical landline phone.


To verify your personal number:

  1. Open the Hearsay Relate App
  2. Tap the Settings tab
  3. Tap Personal Number
  4. Enter in your personal phone number.
  5. You will be prompted to either receive a verification call or text that will include an authentication number.
  6. Receive the communication and enter in the authentication number when prompted. This provides confirmation that you have physical ownership of your phone number.



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