What is Personalized Opt-In?

Attestation is the process of requesting permission to text message customers or prospects. This means getting legal consent to have communication and activity monitored and retained. Opt-In is a process which puts the power in the hands of your contacts and protects you and your staff regarding telecommunication regulations.

  • Personalized Opt-In: This allows the user to include a greeting message that appears prior to the opt-in message. The contact must respond "YES", verbatim, in order for the user to send further text messages.

Customizing the Opt-In Attestation Text:

If enabled and approved by your organization, you will have the ability to customize the language included in your Opt-In message:

  1. Click New Conversation in the top-right corner of your workspace.
  2. Type in the name or phone number of the contact you want to text.
  3. You will then be presented with the below screen. Type in your custom text where it says "Write your message..." to proceed.

  4. You will see three options for quick replies that you can edit. Once each member of a workspace sends a personalized opt-in message in the same format more than 5 times, that message will become one of the “Quick Reply” suggestions. This feature remembers the phrasing that each team member prefers, and automatically recommends it when the team member needs to send a new opt-in text message. Once you have typed in your message, click Send. Per compliance rules, an approved consent statement will be appended with your text. The opt-in message must be 500 characters or fewer (this includes both the opt-in sentence that appends the personalized portion).

  5. Your message will then be combined with your organization's Opt-In requirement, allowing your contact to respond "YES" once they are ready to text.


Q: What happens when my contacts say "STOP"?
A: Once a contact writes "STOP", Hearsay Relate will send a message on your behalf, letting the contact know that communication has been halted. However, the contact can respond "UNSTOP" to reinstate communication, and Hearsay Relate will then send a second message on your behalf.


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